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Disrupting the camera market
Posted by Tony on 18th January 2014 at 23:35:39
I've dropped back to relying mainly on John Gruber for my Apple feed and have finally found a point of either misunderstanding or disagreement. If disrupting a market is supposed to derail established players, that is not what I see Apple's investment in iOS camera modules getting close to.

In the past 12 months I've acquired four new cameras: GoPro Hero3 Black, iPhone 5S, Sony Cyber-shot DSV-HX300 and Parrot AR-Drone, the latter bought in a hurry from Apple's online store. In total they didn't cost much more than a Sony HandyCam acquired 5 years earlier which is still my mainstay for recording events, due in part to integration with a better tripod.

The iPhone camera is mostly used to Tweet promptly and sometimes in places where openly carrying my until recently backstop, a Canon point & shoot, would be overkill. The new Sony with its 50X optical telephoto just blows things away for most of the stuff I'm after: nature and event recording. While occupying far more air than the older Canon, it is surprisingly stable yet light in the hand.

The closest my iPad gets to doing any photography is as a remote for the Drone and sometimes for the GoPro. It is still early days for both of those, with further skill acquisition needed ahead of ticking off more of the projects envisaged for each.

While I'm not a core demographic, surely a significant percentage of those who make a start with iOS photography will at some stage want to explore beyond what that limiting form factor will allow.

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