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Posted by Tony on 12th March 2014 at 23:55:53
In response to What to do with 5 years of daily diary? posted by Tony on 9th April 2013 at 01:53:31
After an eight month pause increasingly dominated by the battle against the unwanted, rushed and in every way unsatisfactory "East West Link" proposal, the start of four unbroken weeks at Cumberland River prompted me to restart the daily diary. It soon felt more natural to keep it up on return so I have, though with a notional preparedness to be a bit more intermittent which has not been tested as yet.

With another month of EW Assessment Committee hearings ahead of us, including my own back-to-back Kororoit Institute and Moonee Ponds Creek presentations, there is neither thought nor possibility of cutting down on Twitter. Nor is that likely any time soon beyond that. Meanwhile the things I'm trying to write more substantially about (presentations or prose) continue to multiply, while ever improving cameras enable me to drift deeper into telling stories with video and with pictures. SO every day seems like I'm falling further behind.

Heatwave and video editing had me spend far too much time in home-office chair and pay price with a stuck hip which a couple of physio visits and a couple of affordable seniors nights in Mt. Gambier put behind me.

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What to do with 5 years of daily diary? - Tony 01:53:31 09-Apr-13
Restart - Tony 23:55:53 12-Mar-14
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