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Unexplored connections
Posted by Tony on 20th July 2014 at 00:57:34
It can be easiest to restrict your thinking about a casual acquaintance to the context in which you became acquainted, but most of us have a lot more going on than that.

John Perkins is an habituated Secular Party candidate who added a second dimension when he needed a replacement hosting service for an e-mail based tipping contest implemented in Perl and MySQL.

At yet another informal Friday dinner, he decided it was time to give his daughter her first lesson in his professional field economics, an area I mostly avoid engaging despite a few other friends who claim some expertise.

However in recent months I've also got stuck on some thoughts about mathematical implications of the obviously sublinear relationship between money and happiness, to the point of wanting to explore it in some future presentation.

I started to take an interest in what John was telling Alice when he drew a curve on a napkin which I first took as exponential and then as asymptotic decline towards the horizontal axis, but which turned out to be a representation of that very same sublinear relationship between money and happiness axes.

John was able to also tell me that knowledge of the implications of that relationship dated back to at least 1908, with those implications having been ideologically resisted all that time. In view of where my current perspective on the fiscal world has headed, I'm far from sorry that I am going to be able to reference prior work on this aspect.

Next day I found that one of the most competent of many very capable supporters of our #EWfail network, Jill Koppel, works at the same place as Myron Lysenko who is the inspiration behind our annual Cumbo Cabarets, more evidence for my hypothesis about having less than one degree of separation from a broad section of the community.

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