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Ante?social medi-a/tation
Posted by Tony on 15th July 2015 at 00:19:03
Twitter was one thing and indispensable for the #EWfail campaign. Facebook for Cumbo was another which I've let drift to a higher level for eight months or so, with great value for Moonee Ponds Creek but otherwise mostly adding one more angle to established interests. From there it spreads, mostly as ynotds which is a lot easier to find than my real name.

Meetup continues to be useful for its intended purpose though still not fully fitting the needs of preexisting offline groups. And there is Eventbrite which seems good for once off freebies. Meetup and YCAT events go directly to Calendar but I have to remember to make it happen for Facebook and Eventbrite. Past Meetup events disappear from Calendar, not helping diary catch up.

I've still got twice as many LinkedIn connections as Facebook friends, including some overlap, but rarely find anything in LinkedIn's nags. After early infatuation with Hub Melbourne and Footscray Maker Lab, Yammer has fallen off the radar. Does that all make me post-professional? I'm recently following Quora a bit more than ScoopIt while neglecting many that have previously held interest.

Then there is Vimeo, SlideShare and Flickr where I share my ever expanding experiments with media, though none at a level which counts as social media, my uploads generally being notified on Twitter and Facebook. While I have no plans to add to my old YouTube collection, as yet even my willingly paid Vimeo account is not reporting high numbers of views. though I don't nag about them. I'm no doubt biased, but still enjoy rewatching my offline copies of many.

One question is what it says for TransForum? Facebook has found some good solutions to a few issues I had once hoped to address with a major upgrade. But when it gets something wrong it behaves like the monster that it inescapably is. I've even looked a bit at WordPress which some Webmastery clients are using, mostly as a CMS for other sites I have an interest in, but am stalling, unintentionally. Still also promising to try to post here more often.

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