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Pressure release
Posted by Tony on 13th May 2016 at 10:34:02
There seems to be nothing like taking on significant workloads and deadlines to distract my mind towards new insights into core interests. While I'm close to wrapping the three DELWP submissions committed for deadlines this weekend, two down before today and one well in hand for Sunday, despite a spike in concurrent events, my attention has moved ahead to three other areas of investigation which I note here for reference:
  • Hector Zenil's A Computable Universe has delivered an interesting view from the bottom that can give lie to the title when coupled with what I've learnt from discrete systems and universal notions of connectedness.
  • At a completely different level those aforementioned submission deadlines have brought the mapmaker problem into even sharper focus.
  • Meanwhile the subject matter of those submissions returns focus to the natural productivity of places that are intermittently wet or nearby, from the great Stony sheet plain that dominates Brimbank to Otway reefs.
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