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Clear fail for new Senate system in NSW
Posted by Tony on 4th August 2016 at 22:43:46
In response to Senate election circus 2016 posted by Tony on 16th June 2016 at 14:22:55
Can't find where on Facebook I set a criterion for the ratio between exhausted votes and the last live candidates which would indicate a fatal problem, but the results in NSW clearly exceed any reasonable threshold. At the last meaningful step of the count, number 1054, the 13th live candidate (Hall) was eliminated with the counts at:
Quota: 345,554
Williams: 345,279
Burston: 335,786
Leyonhhjelm: 274,850
Hall: 167,480
Exhausted: 326,849
Disingenuously, the AEC then distributed Hall's preferences, which appeared to get the 10th and 11th over quota while many more notionally exhausted leaving the anarchist well below quota but still elected.
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Senate election circus 2016 - Tony 14:22:55 16-Jun-16
Clear fail for new Senate system in NSW - Tony 22:43:46 04-Aug-16
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