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Green coalitions become the only option
Posted by Tony on 8th July 2010 at 08:37:50
In response to Sustainable growth and other oxymorons posted by Tony on 24th June 2010 at 15:51:55
Clearly Julia has no interest in preserving the swing back from the Greens to Labor that her coupe initially precipitated. Her every subsequent policy announcement seems guaranteed to push even more progressives back the other way.

But the still slim possibility of forcing a coalition with inner city and upper house Greens is now the only option for those willing to insist that the Lucky Country can and should do a lot more on the social responsibility front.

So lets get brave and get serious about returning a coalition government, but one with Julia rather than Tony at the helm and forced to concede to Green policies on most if not all of the tick list items where Julia is sliding Labor ever further towards the tabloid positions.

If we were also so lucky at the state level, I'd happily buy off a Green go ahead for the WestLink tunnel that is really needed for systemic redundancy through a serious commitment to fixing rail topology converting the loop to through routes and (re)building circle routes in the outer north/west, the middle and outer east and the inner north.

Federally I'd be more than happy to go further out on a limb and swap the oxymoron of gay marriage for bringing recreational drugs into the mainstream economy including the health education programs where we have so often led the way.

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