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Voting below the line
Posted by Tony on 2nd August 2010 at 21:17:25
An anonymous coward has created one of several web sites that can help you put Conroy last, or whatever else you think is supremely important, so I'm only going to briefly summarise what I found by looking at the tickets.

Only the Greens and the Sex Party have had the wit to demote Conroy to their fifth Labor preference, but still not to the number 60 he has so industriously earnt, so I'm going to roll my own by my usual formula.

However if the most important thing is that your preferences can't flow through to Steve Fielding, or to the DLP who may be trying to pull his rug after their Legislative Council success, then there are only four other minors you can safely vote for:

  • Australian Democrats
  • Socialist Alliance
  • Secular Party of Australia
  • Independent (Group U)
With each of those you can at least be sure that your vote will finish up being counted on the broad left. Forget the rest.

For now I'm tossing up between letting my vote for someone I know personally rule outweigh my vote so my public funding goes to somebody who will get 4% rule and just admitting that the Sex Party finally gives us an honest option.

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