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Talk radio's finest hour
Posted by Tony on 5th August 2010 at 09:43:57
(If you are very quick, you will have about 6 hours from the time of posting this to catch the repeat, though the podcast will live the usual 4 weeks and in private collections likely forever.)

I'd just come from a local meeting on my topic du jour/year, transport planning, with maybe the only parliamentarian I've ever given my first preference to, so election season politics was even more top of mind.

And I've been a gladdy/poddy for several years, as much for the relaxing quality of Phil's voice as for his diverse and idiosyncratic content, but I still feel privileged to have caught this one live, even if the immediately-everywhere extended interview with our most recent ex Prime Minister had been prerecorded.

That first third of the program proved at least as interesting as its subsequent coverage might reflect, but it was the juxtaposition with a clearly long-scheduled, longer second segment that really made my night with a story the dying media is elsewhere going to great pains not to promote: the handover of the political process in what were once robust democracies to a highly remunerated yet tiny and fragile class of low-life-experience apparatchiks, indistinguishable in any practical sense from the cabals that run the worst dictatorships. With words mightier than swords, their nanny state trumps the AK-47s.

While Mark Latham's name could not be omitted from the drawing together and Julia's other predecessor, Jonesy, also got a guernsey, the second part was built around former NSW government minister and Labor historian Rodney Cavalier's forthcoming book Power Crisis: The Self-Destruction of a State Labor Party which looks like being a handy reference for those of us who still hope for a better way forward.

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