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An informed age
Posted by Tony on 12th February 2011 at 21:29:14
In response to LIke tracking Katrina all over again posted by Tony on 1st February 2011 at 00:05:56
Nearly a quarter century ago I had a book plan which remains filed under TPOAIA for its intended subtitle: The prospect of an informed age. With less (one) dying from Yasi's passage than may well have died without it, it might be about time to suggest we are finally crossing that line. Subsequent events in Cairo only add to that impression.

So with the disclaimer that people need to be paying attention, that increasingly scarce currency, and sans Rumsfeld's unknown unknowns. It seems to now becoming possible to know what you need to know, even in the most extreme circumstances. No doubt one of the keys to getting sufficient attention paid to Yasi was some very recent history:

  • The all too comparable Katrina in 2005
  • The region's months later experience with Larry
  • Victoria's Black Saturday two years ago when the Bureau's long and precise warnings were far too widely down played
  • The Lockyer valley floods seemingly only days earlier which were definitely one for Rumsfeld
Even from this very safe distance, having watched the enormous eye on the Cairns radar until it was centred over Dunk Island and listened live to a radio interview with someone inside that eye as they went outside and saw the stars, I'm still shaking my head when I think about it.
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