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Arafura-Melbourne connection?
Posted by Tony on 12th April 2011 at 12:47:04
Beyond Tiwi footballers that is ...

I've long been gaining an impression that there is a NNW-SSE alignment which brings moisture from weather systems north of Australia to the southeast inland. After several weeks respite from the extremes of our La Nina spring and summer, a late not quite cyclone in the Arafura Sea at the end of March offered one more data point. A week and a half later we "enjoy" a very wet night and its consequent demonstration of the generational failure of Melbourne's infrastructure planning.

But the real problem is getting access to the detailed data to test the relevant correlations, a task seemingly far beyond even Wolfram Alpha which insists Melbourne meteorological data should come from the post 1970 Melbourne Airport and even then fails to offer an actual figure for January 1974 which might correlate with Cyclone Tracy. But no, I have no regrets that life has been much more interesting than staying at the Bureau beyond 1976 would have allowed.

One other observation from those years was a culture that still flourishes today in which weather and fine are antonyms:

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