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Kororoit two months on
Posted by Tony on 15th June 2011 at 22:44:03
I've wanted an Australian version of Santa Fe Institute since at least 1990, but it took a few things coming together for a path to open up to give me a personal role in making it happen, or at least giving it our best shot.

Reconnecting with Bill Hall in 2006 was with hindsight the game changer that ranks with 1 June 1982 when I first met Bill, Bill McPherson, Rudie Hoess and others at CETIA on my first assignment for Computerworld. But my focus has also been maintained by an important long distance friendship dating from the same (2006) time with Bryan Bishop who I've seen progress from an ambitious but sometimes frustrated 16 to a young leader in fields that are central going forward.

Even the direct gestation of Kororoit took significant time during which we steadily built a core of people who have confidence we can work together, adding vital components through our Putting Community Knowledge in Place special session at the Knowledge Cities World Summit last November. That project added necessary practical focus on community and planning to roots spanning the two pillars of complexity theory: emergence in the physical sciences, math and computing at one end and human organisations and knowledge management at the other. Bridging those pillars and practical deliverables are key to what we see needing to be added to the Santa Fe model a generation on in the Australian climate.

It was obvious trying to jump directly to Kororoit Institute would risk hitting too many walls, but we had reached the point where we needed a formal identity which could not just deal with the next rounds of preliminaries but also get on with doing some key things the Institute should eventually take over. We recently resolved to give special recognition to members and sponsors who sign up by June 30. Beyond that, you will get a lot more information, including answers to "Why Kororoit?" at the Proponents' website which is going to continue to get a lot more attention that should not be duplicated here.

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