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Bitter people
Posted by Tony on 28th March 2012 at 19:57:28
The world owes you a living. The glass is half empty. How far down that sad spectrum do you need to go?

With the chattering classes are finally getting back to the issue of sociopaths and worse proving particularly adept at social climbing, I'm seeing even more negative impacts in my everyday playing fields from miniscule numbers at the extreme far end of the sad spectrum.

Hate and anger may be useful emotions when well focused and even when discharged without real/collateral damage, but unfocused negativity extracts a high price. Bottling it up is a sure starting point for depressive illness and its increasingly recognised worse consequences, but in today's deepening strangulation of interdependencies, sharing bitterness around can do even more damage to the social fabric.

There aren't many of them out here in the socially functioning world, but those bitter with the world who you do encounter can be hard to forget or forgive, and the trail they leave even harder to repair.

The worst of them (and of the sociopath spectrum) call into question certain nanny state underpinnings of the otherwise vital goal of equal opportunity.

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