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Backing Howard Bloom's book project on KickStarter
Posted by Tony on 16th June 2012 at 09:57:16
TODO THIS WEEK (before the solstice)

With six days to go, Howard is halfway to a goal I am happy to try to help with because our interests overlap on a couple of important fronts, more of which below. Howard's own description and all you need to participate are at the link below.

I don't expect to find agreement with his every detail, but it is important that works like this get done and out there so those of us separately exploring tracks to a better understanding of the natural history of our wonderful world have strong reference points.

Understanding how emergence/systems/complexity create unintentionally gives us tools to tackle the challenges of the vastly accelerated change processes where intentionality is added. Advancing those understandings and their application to contemporary problems/opportunities is why we are establishing Kororoit Institute.

I choose to socialise with secularists, atheists, free thinkers, skeptics, even rationalists and trans/humanists for respite from certain pervasive nonsense. I see Howard's, my and others' theoretical work as developing a more potent framework here than the silos of overreductionist science can do alone. This is anything but an anti-science perspective, rather one which sees science as foundational to broader polydisciplinary understanding.

In almost every other circumstance, I choose to contribute some of my decreasing and ever more easily lost time rather than too easily replaced money. But in the embryonic political climate of open/commons/peer to peer, KickStarter provides a direction worth supporting to try to work around some of the social devastation wrought by rampant accountants.

Please pass Howard's project on to your own like minded contacts, drawing on his or my comments or adding your own as suits, and back it on KickStarter to whatever degree you are comfortable.

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