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Giving wrong impressions
Posted by Tony on 3rd October 2012 at 12:59:11
Jumping to conclusions can have bemusing consequences. I recently received notice about a cycling promotion, presumably because I had re/tweeted something averse to mandatory helmet laws. Or it could have been because I keep referring to the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail as the bike path when it and trails like it are as much for walking as for cycling (but not for dogs running free).

Yet my actual interest in the helmet controversy is that it is another strong example of shooting ourselves in the foot through a lazy combination of public innumeracy and fear, two of my real enemies. I've never ridden a bicycle.

Nor have I ever tried any other activity dependent on any more sideways balance than walking atop a stone wall or fortuitously placed log. Yet I love watching surfing, not just for the waves, and skateboarding, though less so any form of skiing, more especially since losing touch with a close high school friend who was also a world champion in the early days of water skiing.

And, yes, one of my priorities, having just accepted another term as president of Moonee Ponds Creek Co-ordination Committee, is a better trail link to Melbourne Airport, but as part of a whole and not for me personally, at least not beyond being able to one day walk it and take some photos.

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