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Travelling in WA and SA with single use tickets
Posted by Tony on 1st December 2012 at 20:58:47
Found many things of interest to Melbourne's transport planning commentariat on my wanderings by rail and bus in and between Perth and Adelaide across the last couple of weeks, some of which I'll leave for follow up posts so I can concentrate on the now pressing Melbourne question of single use tickets while the Myki disaster steamrolls on. Can I encourage you to click through the link below the ticket scans and sign the petition for a Melbourne single use ticket, at least to cover the hiatus before we get the proper mobile device ticketing systems that must come.

Both Perth and Adelaide have implemented and promote use of stored value cards, but they haven't been stupid enough to ignore the needs of short term visitors or other occasional users who may not have any idea what their precise local travel requirements will be until they happen. Perth uses plain paper tickets which differ in form between those issued from machines at train stations and ferry terminals and those issued by bus drivers, all of which rely on visual checking. Adelaide has relatively tiny cards with a central mag stripe which are mostly issued and validated by on board machines, particularly on trains, with validation so fast it remains a shock to this unrepentant MetCard user. These tickets are preprinted on the back with promos for transport services, including their respective stored value cards.

In Albany and Adelaide I found regimes where seniors travel free off peak. Adelaide has even made its seniors card a stored value card compatible with more colourful cards for younger generations.

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