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Facebook sucks ...
Posted by Tony on 25th April 2017 at 11:05:05
... nearly everything out of you while you let it. But for me right now that is actually a good thing.

However if I'm serious about posting things here that shouldn't go on Facebook, a link to today's most interesting story from Facebook fits perfectly. It also says something about my own drift away from the IT bubble that I hadn't heard of Sheryl Sandberg before I read the linked article, despite my enthusiasm for diversity, with her being their equivalent of Tim Cook before he really took charge at Apple. So I have to admit that my interest in Facebook is focused on the user perspective where I am going to have a lot more to say, framed by our PICA System dream and the truncated experience of developing TransForum.

But I'm linking this article from here because it leads me into a pile of ambivalence, starting with the notion of becoming super rich and famous through your job with even such an upstart corporation and continuing through the idealisation of a nuclear family, one key downside of which provides the basis for the story but is never brought into question. Yet it is good if it makes a step towards sharing burdens in a world which is achieving "no secrets" without any hint of progress on the necessary corollary "no need for secrets" as even the most instinctively progressive governments find themselves wallowing in the mire of Lawn Odour.

Anyway, if anybody stumbles here and hasn't read it previously, the linked article is worth its 15 minutes.

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Facebook sucks ... - Tony 11:05:05 25-Apr-17
No surrender - Tony 20:53:19 30-Sep-17
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