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No surrender
Posted by Tony on 30th September 2017 at 20:53:19
In response to Facebook sucks ... posted by Tony on 25th April 2017 at 11:05:05
Another five months hasn't changed any of the above, during which there have no end of things to post there without a spare moment to retreat deeper here.

All the above is still true but it has been a cold winter of Healthy Waterways, an even madder toll tunnel plan working an even more disparate community, along that journey being drawn into the linked group which fits a chunk of interests, and topped off by longer than I could have imagined getting an academic paper to bed just because it touched way too many hot buttons.

Said paper took until after the footy to format well enough to risk sending given unexpected limitations exporting from Pages to .docx. Having been deluding myself I could get it done during the hearings, an unexpected general extension to today still left barely enough time, even with the help of well timed Living Museum and Brimbank Heritage meetings. Now has to go through refereeing and potentially a supporting presentation for beginning of February conference.

But meanwhile I have to try to start clearing some backlogs and using some seniors travel entitlements before I again get stuck attending pointless demands from time wasters with designated authority.

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Facebook sucks ... - Tony 11:05:05 25-Apr-17
No surrender - Tony 20:53:19 30-Sep-17
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