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Political Survivor: Howard wins, Humanity loses
Posted by toby on 11th October 2004 at 01:28:54
In response to Updated now the votes have been counted posted by Tony on 10th October 2004 at 17:40:48
Suburban Australia endorses Perpetual War

To The Editor,

I was disappointed that you report the re-election of the Howard government.

I can say without straying into subjectivity that he is a repulsive, amoral, servile and dishonest little goblin. I detest his corrosive conservatism and the damage it has done to the country of my birth, not to mention the growing devastation wrought worldwide by his malignant foreign policies.

This so-called monarchist has ensured that as a country we are more materialistic and paranoid than ever before. Whatever his "values" are, they are worthless if judged by his actions and their results.

How did this twisted little dwarf manage to convince us that it's OK to hitch ourselves to a deeply malign superpower, when we had the opportunity to exemplify human values by politely refusing? I would like to see him on trial for his support of the illegal war and the crimes that are daily committed in our name and with our material and political support.

Why did we allow this government to cynically ignore every caution, every censure, every single piece of contradictory advice, such as the diplomats' petition? How do they get away with this? Is the public so drugged that they no longer notice or care that our lawmakers are flouting larger principles?

Why did the Australian public remain silent over the detention without charge, trial or representation, and inevitable torture, of our own citizens - by a former ally?

A liberal defeat could have represented a tiny but vital signal of defiance to the imperial cabal in Washington. It would have been a regime change that they might have found difficult to reverse by their habitual tactic of carpet bombing. Instead, this sad election result will be characterised as yet another endorsement of their insane lust for war. That my country would be in this position is painful to me, and can only lead to more bloodshed, regionally and internationally. Taking this path, Australia will inevitably become as universally hated as America.

The signing of the so-called FTA was a colossal betrayal of this country on principle and in material terms. Did anyone stop to ask, "cui bono?" Does our government imagine that the United States arranges these straitjackets for its own amusement? To blindly sign is to stupidly capitulate. But entirely consistent with the government's knee-jerk sycophancy and inability to discern matters of principle.

It has been repeatedly shown that the Howard government does not hesitate to lie to the public on substantive matters. Does nobody see that this is a problem?

To any progressive thinker our government's attitudes are appallingly, disgustingly wrong. They show cynicism, greed, short-sightedness and lack of humanity over every issue on the table. The environment. Gay marriage. Treatment of refugees. The list is endless.

I have learned it is intolerable, month after month, to face newspapers that every day bring new assaults on common sense and decency, under the hand of our great leader. For my own mental health, I will be seeking citizenship in one of the remaining countries of the world whose foreign and domestic posture I do not viscerally despise.

According to the election result, that should please the majority of Australians. It appears I been voted off the island.

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