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and better
Posted by Tony on 27th January 2008 at 12:40:40
In response to Touched posted by Tony on 30th September 2007 at 09:01:44
Before I get onto the 1.1.3 round of updates, I need to mention a strange but useful little utility I discovered a lot earlier: Filemark Maker. It enables you to hide whole PDFs and higher res images inside Safari bookmarks which then sync with the touch (another reason to keep using Firefox as my main browser). The trick with the Maker is that you can only activate it by dragging and dropping onto it which opens a page in Safari containing a link which you then need to ctl-click and Add to Bookmarks. (The instruction on the page says right click, but I've finally given up on serially depressed Mighty Mice which should one day be the target for some dark humour.) Such a peculiar method of activation had me keeping the little Maker far away from ordinary apps, to the point it was harder to find the second time around, hence this and other notes to self. Even with the Maker there is some limit to the resolution of images on the touch, a limit which falls between 1920 x 1200 which it automatically halved and 1280 x 1024 which it retained.

At 4 am there was no better way to get official confirmation of 1.1.3 than in bed with my touch via MacRumors' live feed from the fondly remembered Moscone. With it came news of the $A25 application bundle which the blogosphere was just plain wrong to whinge about Apple charging for. The pinch zoom interface to Google Maps is incomparably superior to the standard browser interface. Mail just works. Notes is what I was really looking for as it is much easier to pull out my touch when out and about than to lug my Macbook, easier even if the Macbook is in my bag en route clients. Having to mail notes to my home account works ok but it might be good if they also synched with Stickies, not that I've ever really made Stickies a habit. (I like my wallpapers too much.) Weather also works fine and the newly configurable desktop enabled me to dump Bejewelled and Stocks off of the initial screen (while adding icons for my Wongai map PDF and a high enuf res aerial photo of Cumbo).

As soon as I hit a pause in my current priority project, I'm going to be sorely tempted to get my hands lightly soiled with the promised SDK release, if only to investigate the feasibility of turning a potentially often USB connected touch into a gesture pad equivalent replacement for depressed mice.

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