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Where can Apple go from here?
Posted by Tony on 25th May 2010 at 06:23:29
In response to Touched posted by Tony on 30th September 2007 at 09:01:44
The starting point you need to recognise is that Google already rules the world more tightly than any corporation ever has. It owns the all important index while human aspirations are increasingly strangled by white collars. And it is already exhibiting core symptoms of an empire in decline: pre-announcing fantastic projects to deter potential competitors; forgetting any notion of making things work well; and inadvertently ensuring that there are rich pickings for the carrion eaters. (And I continue to depend heavily on its search and Maps regardless.)

Just a few hours ago I was in a discussion about how superior Apple's organic growth has proven to be to the efforts of its schizo competitor-partners who are all (including Adobe which is another story I should try to tell sometime) choking on their growth imperative-inspired diet of acquisitions. And then making a too frequent early hours feed check, I spot the linked article which makes the same key points strongly. (I also know well from personal experience how Apple exploits affectionados to the point of always patronising long term resellers as a matter of principle.)

Unlike the touch, I'm not planning to acquire an iPad before the first major revision because the iPad is in reality the logical evolution of the touch, but that will not and should not deter that vast majority who need to see the new form factor in order to get it. And that is despite the iPad having immediately reached 60% (Keynote, Bento, OmniGraffle) of the seemingly ambitious test I long ago set for it.

So where from here? Apple is the only major player which seems to truly get convergence. The first candidates might be: a convergence of OS X Server with its North Carolina data centre; a convergence of OS X desktop Widgets with iPhone OS Apps; and even the more widely predicted convergence of AppleTV with the MacMini and/or Time Capsule. Apple already has the best tools for production and delivery of content, but that can remain a moving target which Apple's efficiency can continue to lead faster than others can catch up.

While Apple may not finish up ruling the world, it may finish up with so much of the money that it can put a brake on those who would.

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