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Trism might be better than Tetris
Posted by Tony on 21st July 2008 at 16:54:09
In response to Touched posted by Tony on 30th September 2007 at 09:01:44
Once they actually released the upgrade, maybe a bit later than a few had wished for on an extremely ambitious day of interrelated product version changes, touch software version 2.0 downloaded and installed impressively, reporting the various backup, install, verify and restore stages in a way to give this old IT hand considerable confidence.

Then I just needed to acquire some apps. At AU$5.99 Trism is to date the only one I've paid for and is so addictive that it might be the last for a while. Already I'm dreaming in triangles rather than squares. And just now I learnt about a couple of features I had seen but not fully appreciated via a pair of YouTube videos, the first of which I might as well embed here to give a quick feel for some aspects of the game. It's use of the acceleromator to determine which direction triangles slide down hill into gaps make Trism unique to the touch.

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