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Now Hallelujah has become a week 4 guitar theme
Posted by Tony on 30th January 2016 at 19:40:33
In response to Hallelujah another one posted by Tony on 25th October 2015 at 23:10:28
and for a day got stuck in my head, even though I still hadn't picked up much of the lyrics, to the point I'm not sure I'm ready to insert iTunes's Jeff Buckley version into any frequent play list.

Memories of guitarists at Cumbo go back to a visitor wandering into the Rotunda and playing Alice's Restaurant right through long before radio stations would dare play anything of that length. There have been a few since but not over represented at Myron's annual week 2 cabaret concerts, of which only Geoffrey's rendition of Watch Over Me late in the 2014 program is something that could be played at my funeral.

After the Wookens medley I slotted with permission deep in The Dark (the second part of the 2015 camp concert video) and young Bodie and family's return, I set myself up with a clash with a long delayed return to Blanket Bay on the same day he would again busk pizza night. After catching him between gigs to hand over a USB intended to be another small step towards an eventual week 4 camp concert, things moved quickly. Meanwhile, I spent an hour reviewing that glorious day's pics and video grabs, avoiding temptation to investigate the friendly sounds coming from further up and only getting to site 48* in time to hear host Richmond play Hallelujah as the final number for as evening which had pulled a mostly very young crowd.

Two nights later a smaller group played around in the Rotunda with that same song, this time led by Peter who introduced himself as would his parents next day as veterans since the late 1980s when he was a toddler. I did mention Kerry's Cumbo version for their future research. (Peter uses a pic of himself on the Jebbs slide as his Facebook cover pic.)

Having just assembled the opening sequence of this year's fire-shortened cabaret video, and now slowed by the need to slot in an abbreviated account of near 3 weeks of uncertainty and disruption, what gets into the video's epilogue is furthest from my mind, though certainly some of the above needs to be represented.

*Also bemusing that given half a century of rearrangements, today's sites 48 and 1 are at diagonally opposite corners of the original area fenced off when Cumbo was first restricted to 48 sites.

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